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Minecraft | Acid Mines Online

Status Online
IP Address mc.acidmines.com
Connection Port 25565
Last Check 2019-12-13T07:36:45-05:00
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Category Minecraft
Server Owner Acid Mines
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Country Australia AU
Online Players 1
Maximum Online Players 42
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MOTD =[Acid Mines]= Minecraft 1.15!
Server Version Spigot 1.15


The Acid Mines server was founded in February 2011.
Most of our players are Australian but we do have players from all over the world; everyone is welcome as long as you speak English.
The server is hosted in Sydney, so Australians have the best possible connection.
I write most of our plugins myself so there are a lot of custom features that you won't find anywhere else.  
* Trading Cards - More than 1000 unique cards to collect in-game, each with different classes of rarity (holographic, ultra rare)
* Skills - There are currently 8 skills to train. They are Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Farming, Combat, Slayer, Agility and Infusion.
* Fish! - There are more than 100 different types of fish to find in different biomes
* Automatic Ranking - Earn ranks as you play and see what you need to do to rank up. Earn the ability to fly!
* Protection - Create your own protected zones and control who has access
* SkyBlock - Custom sky block world with unique ways to play

* Do Not Grief
* Do Not Steal
* Chat Responsibly
* Have Respect
* No Mods/Hacks



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