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Chaotic United 1.10.x! - VoteMC

Minecraft | Chaotic United 1.10.x! Online

Status Online
IP Address mc.chaoticunited.net
Connection Port 25565
Last Check 2019-12-13T07:53:33-05:00
Previous Check 2019-12-09T19:11:29-05:00
Category Minecraft
Server Owner BlarFlargen
Votes 8
Favorites 0
Hits this month 4
Country United States US
Online Players 0
Maximum Online Players 20
Name Value
MOTD ----[Chaotic United - 1.14.4]---- Survival | Creative | SkyBlock | Minigames
Server Version Paper 1.14.4


- 8 Gigabytes of RAM to ensure smooth performance
- 60 Player Slots
- Creative World
- Survival World (McMMO)
- LiveMap (http://mc.chaoticunited.net:8123)
- SkyBlock
- Forums (http://chaoticunited.net/forums)
- Friendly staff
- Grief Rollback

Are you sick of joining servers that lag? Servers that are full of griefers and trolls? Servers with abusive staff members? Servers that only care about the money involved and nothing else? Well, say goodbye to all of that garbage. Welcome to Chaotic United, my friend! Where you can finally do whatever you want (as long as you aren't causing problems of course)!

Looking for a classic Minecraft experience? We have it! Our Survival world should suit your needs - with a pinch of McMMO to keep things interesting.

Got a knack for building? Can't stop playing Minecraft because of that next big thing you want to build? Look no further! For builds of all sizes, there is our Creative world - with massive plots to fit all sorts of awesomeness. Finally, a server where when griefers strike, LogBlock tracks their every move which can be reversed in moments.

Do you like that feeling of ranking up higher as time goes on? You are rewarded for your activity! You will earn ranks by just playing! Voting for the server earns you in-game items! Good at making YouTube videos? Bring at least 5 active members and receive the [Advertiser] rank! Want to invite a specific person to the server? Do /ts in game to bring up the GUI and you can get rewarded when those players join in the fun!

Sick of servers that ignore their players? At Chaotic United, we value every individual player! Your feedback is valuable to us. We have added entire features and ranks based off of community requests! The Owners don't act like the typical say-the-wrong-thing-and-get-banned type of Admin, they are just as down to earth as the other players!

Ready to join the Chaotic United Network?

Register on our forums at: http://chaoticunited.net/forums
Join our MC Server at: mc.chaoticunited.net


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