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TrifectaMC Solar System Political
Owner Laughingspade
Status offline
IP Play.trifectamc.net
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Website https://www.trifectamc.net
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Version Minecraft Java: 1.18.x
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Country United States
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Welcome to the new and improved TrifectaMC. We here at Trifecta want to welcome you to the brand new server with improved systems for better performance and a new time period. You will be an adventurer sent to discover and conquer the new lands that have appeared before you and reclaim what your ancestors have left for you. This will be a planet-hopping adventure starting from the earth and branching off to these new worlds. Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Triton, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Pluto. There is a revised cannons list as well as movecraft to compliment each other. Slimefun is one of the main industry plugins but does not control the economy as it will be mainly agriculture and production focused testing your ability to sell textiles and finished products to market. Please come by for a new adventure.
Discord: [​b]https://discord.gg/VwF6w3G[​/b]
Website: https://www.trifectamc.net/