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CCraft [1.16.3]
Owner dullstaples
Status offline
IP play.ccraft.xyz
Discord Join Discord
Website http://ccraft.xyz
Players 0/0
Version Minecraft Java: 1.15.x
Rank 19
Votes 1230
Uptime -100%
Last Check 1 minute(s) ago
Country Canada
Types SurvivalPvPPvEVanillaAnarchy

About CCraft:

CCraft is a vanilla anarchy server. It originally
started as a community project to keep the Badcraft
community together after its closing. The server has many
features to offer, including but not limited to:

Bedrock and Java
editions Cross-platform:

You can play ccraft on every device
that can run Minecraft. Does not matter: PC, Mobile, or Consoles!

Trade System:

On regular anarchy servers, you can get item scammed easily.
On CCraft you will never be scammed unless you don't know about
/trade. This command allows you to trade with anyone, anytime and anything.

Vanilla Experience:

On a regular anarchy server, you can hack
and exploit. On CCraft you can't!

On a regular non-vanilla anarchy server you have nothing
to lose, nothing to PVP for and you can always dupe items.
This gets really boring after a fair day of gameplay. Vanilla
is much better!