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Owner LordGlipGlop
Status offline
IP coppercraft.us
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Website https://coppercraftshop.tebex.io/
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Version Minecraft Java: 1.15.x
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Country United States
Types Skyblock

CopperCraft is a new Minecraft community, consisting of only a Competitive Skyblock server that I created with the intention of creating an ideal community everyone can be a part of. In the near future, CopperCraft plans to offer a larger variety of servers. In the meantime, now is when we fill the CopperCraft community with friendly players looking to have an enjoyable competitive experience.

Server Vision:writing_hand:

With our Competitive Skyblock server now online, and the community growing strongly, our next step will be developing a unique and fun-filled survival server. Deriving from the idea of fair play, More details about the expansion can be found around our Discord Server.

Extra Details:writing_hand:
Not Pay-to-Win » To maintain a fair experience for everyone, and keep placement rewards going to the hardest working players, there is absolutely NO way to buy your way up the leaderboards. However, there are In-Game packages available which will help sustain and improve the server brand.

Server Type » We only run the CopperCraft Network on Dedicated Server. This is to maintain the standard of a lag-free environment all the time!

Feedback » Player feedback is extremely important to me, and the general growth of CopperCraft. Given you have a negative experience or would just like to make suggestions, there is a dedicated section on our Discord Server, which I strongly encourage players to partake in.