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54 071
Hardcore Anarchy
Owner sebastian97
Status online
IP hardcoreanarchy.gay
Discord Join Discord
Website https://hardcoreanarchy.gay
Players 1/420
Version Minecraft Java: 1.18.x
Rank 101
Votes 173
Uptime 86.3%
Last Check 11 month(s) ago
Country United States
Types AnarchyHardcorePvPSurvivalVanilla

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Website: https://hardcoreanarchy.gayDiscord: https://discord.gg/PFAvSqr7HyNew anarchy server with three months of uptime and over 750 deaths/bans."Hardcore Anarchy" provides a platform for those who enjoy vanilla minecraft with a twist.What sets this server apart from the others?Check out our badass leaderboards website https://hardcoreanarchy.gay , showcasing just which player is the biggest degenerate.Is the website not enough between us and your favorite hypixel bedwars server?Well how about a three day ban to go along with that death of yours?This server is not pay2win, so prepare for the elements when you spawn because there are no protected areas.There is exactly one known female player currently on our server with over 10 days of playtime.Four Withers currently haunt spawn, with the bloodthirsty "2CB Twippin 420" on a bit of a streakOnly a handful of the baddest minecraft Steve's have lasted longer than a day without dying.So if you're reading this and think you can last longer, heh...I doubt it *shakes head*.