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Website http://helixfactions.buycraft.net/
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Version Minecraft Java: 1.8.x - Latest (Network)
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Helix Network
Hello, I am a Manager at Helix Network, we are currently looking for Experienced and well-trained Builders for our server,
We are Looking for people that have 3+ experience as a builder, we will require you to show us your resume or portfolio and If you don't have either you are not able to join, you must have a mic to communicate with other builders and staff members, before you start building we may put you on a trail to ensure your capable, currently, we have 2 builders and we are hoping to find a full team.
About us
We are Factions, skyblock, and a new game mode we are developing,
we are looking for builders to build some surrounding decoration and other stuff, if you would like to join please use the info below!
How To Join
First, you must join our discord server: https://discord.gg/d8x9sn
Second, go to #Staff-Applications
Third, Copy the Questions
Fourth, Then Paste it in one of the staffs DMs shown
Thank you for applying!