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IP kw6craft.mcserv.co
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Website http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftWebsite
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Version Minecraft Java: 1.13.x
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Country United States
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Kw6Craft is a theme park and creative server specializing in custom experiences. Since December 25, 2014, we've been committed to providing high quality and unique lands with thrill rides to accompany our theme parks. We also feature a Creative plotworld with 700 by 700 blocks of building space per plot, allowing our guests free use of plugins such as TrainCarts, WorldEdit, ArmorStandTools and Heads Database. We hope to see you on the server!


Kw6Craft Website
Website: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftWebsite
Rules: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftRules
Forums: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftForum

Kw6Craft Media
Twitter: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftTwitter
YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftYouTube
Planet Minecraft: http://bit.ly/Kw6CraftPMC

Owner: Kw6stheater