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44 041
Owner RascallyRabbit
Status online
IP play.rabbitcraft.co.uk
Discord Join Discord
Website https://shop.rabbitcraft.co.uk
Players 0/100
Version Minecraft Java: 1.16.x
Rank 61
Votes 317
Uptime -100%
Last Check 4 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types SurvivalGeyserMC SupportFactionsSkyblock

Welcome to Rabbitcraft!

We are a friendly community server that emerged from a group of like-minded people back in 2020 when a semi-famous Youtuber had an SMP, on which we played. After several months of playing on the server, a theft occurred and we asked the moderators for help, but we received none. Instead, they told us to sort it out on our own and made fun of us. When we started to speak up, they banned each and every one of us, so we decided to run our own server and learn from that experience. Rabbitcraft is led by Mods that have criminal record checks and a future planning team to ensure that we provide the best service. We want players to have freedom and safety which we never had - a place to call home and the power to change the direction of the server.

We offer four different vanilla servers:
Vinecraft: non-whitelist Mayan themed SMP
Factions: non-whitelist Zombie Apocalypse PVP/PVE server
InfinityBlock: non-whitelist modded Skyblock server
Rabbitcraft: whitelist SMP (invite-only)

As a matter of course griefing, stealing, or cheating in any other form are not allowed.

You can log in to these servers with any version from 1.xx.x to 1.17.x