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Here at Renascence we offer but are not limited to the following:

Custom generated overworld,netherworld and end all with their own items,mobs and even structures!

Player Warps and Shops. Created a shop,mob farm or even a structure? Setup your own warps for others to come see! Want to sell and buy things without wanting to use our Auction house? Setup your own shops!

Dungeons and custom mobs! Wanna delve into dungeons and obtain recognition at the Adventures Guild? Well your in for a treat as we multiple small and large scale dungeons with some having their own quest line! View our variety of mobs ranging from the lowly rat to the majestic whale! Just be warned to watch where you step in the Deep Dark. New mobs and an even a stronger Warden is lurking below!

Ever wanted to ride a Panda or fly on a dragon? Come check our wide variety of mounts you can use and even buy using our custom currency Coins!

Wana make a home but don't wanna lose it? Hate people who steal and grief? Well good luck as all players can setup their own homes and even have access to /co i!

Join over 12 different jobs and complete over 1k quests for that sweat sweat money! -drools-

A referral system,voting daily rewards! Invite your friends for extra benefits. Vote daily for keys and make sure to log in for your hourly,daily and weekly rewards!

Can't login but still wanna chat with your friends ingame? Join our discord and chat to everyone ingame freely!

Paid and Free ranks.