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RevCorp RPG-Towny
Owner macsir
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Uptime 98.7%
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Country United States
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RevCorp RPG-Towny

Brand New Server!

This server is brand new and totally customized for you to enjoy a RPG Minecraft with quests NPCs and Towny in a new way!

Some Rules:
Dont ask for OP or creative. We have built a server where you can build and explore as much as you want with towny as the main plugin.

Some hints:
There are quest npcs in spawn and hidden chests to make money and other rewards.

Let me speak plainly. You all have no idea how much time and detail has been put into this server. If you don't join I understand, you have a ton of choices but, if you are willing to give as a chance then you wont be disappointed. We don't ask for donations with real money. Every rank is bought with game money only. You will never be asked to purchase ranks!

There is so much to explore. Give us a chance. Make a town, it wont get taxed or deleted. Build your legacy!
See you in game!