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The War of the Ring MC
Owner WOTRMCSlayer
Status online
IP wotrmc-world1.com
Website https://www.wotrmc.com/
Players 1/32
Version Minecraft Java: 1.7.x
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Country United States
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Step once more into Middle-Earth, and enter the War of the Ring. A team of enthusiastic and dedicated people have come together to bring forward the best Lord of the Rings MineCraft experience out there.

Once you enter the world you will start your journey. Select the race you will play as: Mordor Orcs, Rohirric Man, Shire Hobbit and more. Enter into a protected marketplace, and begin your adventure. Go mining in the Misty Mountains for Mithril, or grow pipeweed near Hobbiton. Go seek the treasure of Erebor, or bend the knee to the Dark Lord in Mordor.

Bring your friends or make allies to begin to earn Renown across the lands as someone to follow. Build your Seat of Power, and from their grow your armies until you are ready to wage war! Once you have become strong enough, you can become a true King!

This is not a game that everyone will win, this is a war! Bring your intellect, cunning, and knowledge to the table if you have any hope of gaining a Ring of Power. Let alone the One Ring.....

Step into Middle-Earth one more time at www.wotrmc.com