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Unique Survival
Owner Akorian
Status offline
IP mc.uniquesurvival.net
Discord Join Discord
Website https://uniquesurvival.netlify.com/
Players 0/0
Version Minecraft Java: 1.15.x
Rank 756
Votes 0
Uptime -100%
Last Check 4 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types EconomyMCMMOPvPRoleplaySurvival

Always improving, awesome Server with the perfect Survival in mind.
The Server runs Minecraft Spigot for the 1.15.2 and has many Plugins installed to enhance the gameplay experience. We are still a small community, but we want to grow!
New players bring new ideas, and this is what we want. YOU!

Key features:
• four worlds +end
• Active Staff
• Great documentation about features and commands
o Site.uniquesurvival.net
• 1.15.2
• 1.8 Combat-System
• mcMMO
o Skill-System
o Player-Parties
o backpack
• Earn money for mining and killing mobs
• GUI-Shop
• EssentialsX
o Warps
o Economy
o Shops with signs
• Inventory sorter
• Quests
• Anticheat
• Grief-Prevention
o Claim areas in the survival-world
o apply flags to the area. Be safe there
o World guard protected regions
• Daily Rewards
• Daily Quests
• Ultimate Timber
o Cut trees sneaking - chops the whole tree
• Right-click a bench to sit down
• ChatEmojis
• Great Permissions Plugin
• See Healthbar of Players and mobs

Maybe consider helping the server keep running:
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Akorian
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/TimLLanger

Documentation and support:
Our Website: https://site.uniquesurvival.net
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ftXtsqJ