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Minecraft refers to a sandbox video game that was designed by Swedish designer known as Markus “Notch” Persson. Mojang published the game. The video game is such creative that allows players to build with a variety of different cubes in a three-dimensional world generated procedurally. The game also involves other activities such as the gathering of resources combat crafting and exploration. Other events in the game include exploration, resource gathering,crafting, and combat. The game comprises of multiple modes that include a survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and spectator mode all these having specific rules guiding them. The game consists of several versions of the pc version having a scene for modding which has the capabilities of enabling users to create everything required for the game. Minecraft has been praised by both its lovers and critics and has won many awards. The game was popularised through numerous product promotion methods such as social media, parodies, Minecon adaptations, and merchandise. Due to its popularity, the game is used in educational activities in the areas of computing systems.
Minecraft servers are large computers that are connecting players to play games, on Minecraft. Anybody knowing how to play the game can host a server and subsequently allow other players to join when the server is standard Minecraft. Many Minecraft servers have been modified with unique modes like skyforge which is liked and played by many people around the globe.
Below is Minecraft server list displaying some of the Minecraft servers that exist in the world and which can be accessed and be played online. Each server is accompanied by its Ip address and associated features linked to the servers

Minecraft Server List

Rank Name Server Players Status
601 RetroRaids


» Custom Crates » Balanced Shop » Fixed 1.7 Cannoning » Playervaults » SilkSpawners » Amazing PvP » McMMO

0/50 online
602 RevCorp RPG-Towny

0/20 online
603 RoiGames


64700/200000 online
604 ScoftPVP


0/0 online
605 SerrMC Factions


Welcome to SerrMC Factions! We are a Minecraft Network compatible with the most popular Minecraft versions, that’s from 1.8 to 1.16. We have a team of staff dedicated to giving you the best experience possible!

0/99 online
606 SkyNetwork Survival


SkyNetwork Survival is a Amazing RPG survival

0/0 online
607 Stellar


Skyblock 1.16.1 Custom Built Islands, Vote Parties, Is Upgrades, Timed Ranks, Keys, SPAWNERS COUNT for is Points!, Premium Accounts /BUYCRAFT and OPTIFINE CAPES to be won season end, Semi-Automatic Farms Allowed, /Shop, Natural End and Nether o.0

6/300 online
608 SurvivalCraft


0/0 online
609 The Mystian Network


A political RP server with ships, empires, magic and more!

0/2000 online
610 Treebo Minecraft


2/2020 online
611 Trip's Faction

0/1337 online
612 Vanilla-MC


Towny server, with Economy, and Towny Wars!

0/9001 online
613 WanderlustMC


WanderlustMC is a new beta Towny Earth server with a unique world era themed ranking system and a ton of custom plugins and features! Our server offers you a fun and exciting towny Earth experience with a fresh, brand new 1:2000 scale map, with Rank kits, Towny, Dynmap, McMMO, Jobs, shops and more!

0/69 online
614 World of Eldin


0/31 online
615 Zera's Bizarre Hangout

0/12 online
616 classify


it is a cool minecraft server with jobs money and public shops it has a great economy very nice players i hope you join it

0/30 online
617 crazy craft 3.0


2/60 online
618 direwolf20 server 1.7.10


0/60 online
619 🌛LunarMC🌜 SMP


ELCOME!   Hello! If you're looking for a new Minecraft SMP server to play on, look no further!

1/40 online
620 A Little Wolrd

A little world is a tech, mystical, and SCP based pack that allows players to explore an abundance of mods and new content without ever getting bored!

0/0 offline
621 AccretionFactions


Come join us today and start your own factions adventure now! accretion.ga

0/0 offline
622 Agapi Network


Agapi Network is a server with Dynmap and Grief protection. We currently are NOT whitelisted but may be in the future.

0/0 offline
623 ArchitechMC


0/0 offline
624 Arctis Survival


No rules! Jobs! Shops! Economy! Survival and custom drills

0/0 offline
625 Articraft X


Articraft X - Ultimate Minecraft!

0/0 offline